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Something to bring up.

Anonymous Contributing User4:28 PM August 16th 2008
What are we going to do if we have a thousand players on here? Just a what if question, If we had a thousand players, how would we be able to read posts directed to our characters, and do things? Maybe something with servers? I don't know, but the activities on this site are jumping up. if we get any more people, we'll need more rooms and places, more towns and whatnot.

Irshad5:59 PM August 16th 2008
Ahahahaha. Ohohohohoh. Eheheheheheh. Teeheeeheee! Hahahahaha. Hihihihihi. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. So far, that bridge is not even BUILT yet. Or even planned. The blueprints have not been drawn yet. You know what? That river doesn't even exist yet. And it takes THOUSANDS of years for rivers to form. That's how far off it is. >_>