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Ragot Cobble Smasher11:21 AM August 18th 2008
How can I get from Hausia to Arithmere? Hasuia is kinda empty right now.

Irshad7:01 PM August 18th 2008
Ask Richard Jackson :D (There are no direct routes or anything, but you can take a ship). Of course, if you leave Hausia, there's not going to be shit to do there for anyone else.

Since AO has such a small userbase, the stress lies on individuals to try and get things moving instead of just bailing. Abandoning just isn't nice. :(

Ragot Cobble Smasher7:33 PM August 18th 2008
Theres no buildings here, and i'm the only person who has posted there.

Not really abandoning, i'll return after.