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Two minutes to promote

Anonymous Contributing User8:27 AM September 2nd 2008
Ok am i missing something here? The Top Web Games link is nicely positioned on the main page so it is easy to find and it takes all of two minuets to cast a vote - So WHY when there was well over ten people online yesterday (the day the stats are reset) do we only have six votes? How long do we each spend waiting for someone to post a reply? A quick click can not only give you something to do while your waiting but also gain this place a little more acclaim!

One little click, that’s all it takes.

(ok rant over)

Irshad12:20 PM September 2nd 2008
Hehehe, I always love to see people passionate about getting the word of AO out there. There have actually been weeks where we have accumulated over 100 votes. Of course, interest in that has once again faded because the votes don't really bring in very much attention. Also, attention from the people who surf around there may not be the most wonderful thing to have.

I keep the voting link there for a reason, though - it gives something numeric that people can anchor their interest to, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment.