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Various suggestions.

Anonymous Contributing User5:13 AM September 4th 2008
1. "Fastest route to take to get here" button is an absolute necessary. You click on a place on the world map and it tells you all the areas you need to move through to get there from your current location. Ideally also list all travel times required as well.

2. Easy to understand, updated guides of how to do most everything in the game. Very few people play a game where the mechanics and how-to aren't explicity laid out in front of them for them to see so they don't stumble around for the first week or so. I looked through the game thoroughly and I'm still not sure if a fishing boat can travel over water, since only the Ship says it isn't tied down to a single port and can travel freely.

3. Ability to craft without a template item. If you're in the middle of the wilderness, chances are you don't have a clothing store nearby to snatch up a shirt or pair of pants to apply the bonuses to. Just have it give you a generic shirt or pair of pants if you have no template item, eh?

Irshad8:55 AM September 4th 2008
1. A "fastest route" generator would be kind of difficult for me to code - also, I think it removes the mystique about the map itself. However, what I do intend to do sometime soon is to add faint lines onto the maps themselves to represent the roads themselves, linking individual towns. This way, you will be able to look at the map and see where to go to get to your destination.

2. Understandable. We have found that very few of our users actually look to the guides before deciding that they are frustrated and angry, so the guides have been set on the backburners for the most part, but you're right, we really do need to get on them.

3. Forging armour and weaponry gets a little complicated in how it works on AO. The idea is, of course, that IC when you create the "template item," it is going to be armour or a weapon, not clothing. Similarly, you wouldn't be adding iron to a cotton shirt. Creating generic items would take away from the individuality of various characters. When you're creating an item and giving it bonus stats right away, it just becomes a multi-step process of, upload item > give item stats.