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Game mechanics

Anonymous Contributing User4:20 PM September 4th 2008
1. Can fishing boats store items? Can caravans?
2. How does one cast Shield or other spells, do they need to pick Spellsword at the start?
3. When attacking, what is raised and how often is it raised? Someone said every 2 attacks you make your combat skill goes up. Does that mean if you attack 5 times in 1 round it is raised twice? Or do you need to actually attack on two seperate posts and it is raised?
4. The crafting page and the crafting help guide give different stats - can they both be updated to reflect the true values?
5. If caravans can move across water and store items, what benefit is there to make a ship?
6. Under the 'Spell Casting' page.. what is a Mage? What is a Sorcerer? How do you know which you are, or how do you become either one?
7. If something attacks you and you don't have the Slaver skill, is your only real option to murder it outright if you don't want it attacking you again?
8. Is it possible to have all my identical inventory items added into a group like (Huckleberry x32)? Because currently there's a looot of plants taking up my inventory and I can't combine them. :P

Anonymous Contributing User6:17 PM September 5th 2008
Guides needed:

Class Changing, what skills branch into what classes.
Skill raising, how many attacks/cooking attempts/etc. need to be performed until something is raised and how much it is raised by. (i.e: 5 cooking attemtps: +1 hunger to foods, 10 cooking attempts: +2 hunger / Attack 5 times, +1 to combat rolls, etc.)
A total list of buildings, where they may be built, the materials necessary to craft them and what all they can do.