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Choly2:49 AM September 5th 2008
1. My character was trying to mount a horse, his friend was going to cast Shield on him. Shield is nowhere on his spellcasting list, even though the page says it should be. Zuh?

2. I fed a stallion 2 cloves of garlic and some wormwood, then tried to mount him, got thrown off and banged up. When I checked his page, his temperment and mood was still -25. Er?

Choly5:33 AM September 5th 2008
3. A friend tried to use bardsong to lower the fatigue of the horses and make them easier to capture, or render them unconscious to automatically enslave or capture them. They didn't lose a single point of fatigue. What gives? Does fatigue only lower PC fatigue, or PC and goblin/orc/wolf/bear NPCs?