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NPC issue

Felaeris2:42 AM September 6th 2008
I can't access my mare's inventory or trade items with it; every time I try it says "I cannot trade items with somebody who is not in the same town." Even though I have the NPC on follow.

Irshad10:49 AM September 6th 2008
Hmm. I'll take a peek.

Irshad10:56 AM September 6th 2008
I think I know what the problem was that there are many NPCs with the name "Mare." I could make it such that when you trade to such an NPC, it would zero in on one in the same room as you, but that would probably run into the issue of possibly trading to another mare.

The best solution, as you already seem to have found it, is to name your horse.

Irshad5:09 PM September 6th 2008
Alright, it turns out that it was because there was another user named Athena, and it was conflicting with your NPC. I changed the original character's name slightly (because the person has been inactive for the better part of a year) and have also made sure that you cannot give an NPC a name that is already taken.

Also, I think I will rework that trade system so that you will be able to more accurately point your trade at a specific NPC even if it shares a name with others.