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Wolf deals 98 damage..

Choly3:34 AM September 7th 2008
Okay, I don't understand this. Choly was out hunting for deer and wolves. The wolves had 50 HP so I assumed they were no big deal. Then one bites me for 98 damage - how does that happen? A single wolf is enough to nearly knock out someone in a single attack?

Luke6:03 AM September 7th 2008
Any of them have the potential to do a lot of damage. A wolf's fighting skill isn't quite worked out in the same way as the character ones; where we put in percentage force for each attack, the creatures will either "minor", "moderate" or "major" attack". But, something still doesn't look right to me:

Choly failed to parry attack 1. 58 damage was dealt. Wolf rolled 79 and Choly rolled 37. [18 damage absorbed by armour]
Choly was hit for a total of 98 damage.
Choly fell off their mount, getting hit for 22 (18 damage absorbed by armour).

OK so that's 58 damage off the attack by the wolf, 22 for falling off your horse. 80 in total. To make 98, it must have taken into account one of those 18 that was absorbed.
Though, I assume being thrown off your horse can't be absorbed by armour which makes 58+40=98

Irshad10:51 AM September 7th 2008
This perplexes me. I've checked the code, and it turns out that the 98 damage wasn't actually how much damage was dealt. It dealed the 22 instead, but added the full 40 to the total, which is only for display purposes.

What confuses me though is that you still got KO'd. That assault should have left you with 20 health left, or even IF you had been hit for that whole 98 damage, you still would have been left with 2 health. But instead, you got dropped to 0 health. Is there something I'm missing?