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Broken spawns abound.

Choly5:51 AM September 8th 2008
As I keep adventuring away from the main cities, I'd expect the wilderness to be absolutely crawling with herbs and with wild animals galore. However, all I see are posts that were last active in June or July with fights against bears, goblins or wolves.. and zero NPCs or items in them currently.

Did the spawns here break and no one noticed? And were any of these areas intended to hold anything?

Choly6:02 AM September 8th 2008
As just as a side note: You guys really need to make the actually worthwhile materials, reagants and fights deep in the wilderness. You can find jewels just a stone's throw away from Arithmere and stone even closer, and you can find Iron and Coal right nearn Bern, but there's not a single cavern bearing stone or iron, or a single stream containing spring water anywhere in the far corners of the map?

It takes away from the fun of exploring when there's nothing to explore and everything useful is next to the biggest city in the game, y'know? Sooo please put more caves bearing awesomeness, gigantic wolf packs, bears, mules, horses and reagants/herbs out here in nowhere land please. :(

Shane Estravon10:57 AM September 8th 2008
Thing is, there wolf be no wolves that far off. The most there is in the forest are trolls and goblins, and maybe a few bears. that's it mate.

Choly3:50 PM September 8th 2008
Yes, that's the problem. There was mostly nothing added down here, it makes no sense for wolves to be roaming just outside Arithema and not deep in the wilderness. It's quite clearly a bug that next to no wild animals are about because the post history of the rooms show that at one point - months ago - there were wild animals and other things about but now there aren't.

Hopefully a few mineable caves, some deer, wolves and other awesomeness gets set up at the North-East, North-West and South of the map. :p

Rolandra5:16 PM October 6th 2008
That would be a good idea, then it means that exploring actually pays off instead of just finding things. So I vote yes for this.