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I can't get into the chat!

Chygon1:02 PM September 19th 2008
I click on the chat button, the chat comes up, it says I'm connected, then it says "Logging in..."
and stays like that forever. Help?

Luke1:06 PM September 19th 2008
Well there's only me there at the moment so you're not missing out on much.

It's not something we can deal with though as this is either a problem with the chatserver or else your browser. All I can really suggest is making sure you have the most recent Java update, try restarting and if that doesn't work just wait... it happens sometimes.

Chygon1:07 PM September 19th 2008
Alright, it's probaly a java problem, as I was on last night, for a little while at least.

Naos1:05 PM September 20th 2008
Still can't. This is gettin lame.

Chygon1:20 PM September 22nd 2008
Fixed, I rocks.