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Massive damage from enemy, thrown from mount, curious KO - round two!

Choly1:15 AM September 27th 2008
So we plan for this for a week. We all prepare our mounts, we all get steel armor and steel weapons. When we actually get to the Orc Fort, when I go into battle, my combat roll seems to be lowered drastically - consistently rolling lower than what is displayed on my character status screen, which is 140+ at minimum.

Then this happens.

Choly failed to parry attack 1. 61 damage was dealt. Kadish rolled 84 and Choly rolled 47. [8 damage absorbed by the parry] [36 damage absorbed by armour]
Choly fell off their mount, getting hit for 22 damage (36 damage absorbed by armour).
Choly was hit for a total of 83 damage.
Choly is now unconscious.

What the hell happened here? I was at full HP before this post, I'm KO'd after it and all our plans go to shit. It says only 83 damage was dealt and I'm still down for the count.

Why did my roll not accurately display what it was on Character Status? Why was I KO'd when I should have survived with at least 17 HP? How did the orc deal 61 damageafter max armor and a slight parry were factored in?

Luke10:32 AM September 27th 2008
Your defensive roll, if you were in the middle of a fight, was probably lowered by previous attack posts. Remember any attack leaves your character vulnerable, i.e with a reduced defensive roll.

The orc also had a 15 bonus damage from weapons so it was perfectly capable of hitting you for that much damage.

Not so sure how 83 damage caused a KO though.

Irshad2:40 PM September 27th 2008
I've found the bug (finally) and fixed it. It had to do with the damage that was dealt when falling off a mount. Instead of the displayed 22 damage taken from falling, it was subtracted from Choly's health twice.