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Food not healing?

Tiullg'teamor2:00 AM October 2nd 2008
I thought I read that eating food was supposed to heal you. I tried, even filling my hunger meter up, but my health still hasn't recovered at all after multiple attempts.

I'm trying resting now... but what really works?

Tiullg'teamor2:01 AM October 2nd 2008
Oh. So resting does work. But why doesn't food?

Egrand3:19 AM October 2nd 2008
They changed it in an update. AO is based around as much realism as it can, WITHOUT hurting the game in any way. Would you be healed just eating food after getting the shit kicked out of you? No. A few days rest? Yeah. So they changed it in your sleep depending on your hunger level. If your hunger is high(which is a good thing) you'll gain more hp an hour than you would if it was lower. So food still has something to do with it.

Tiullg'teamor4:37 AM October 2nd 2008
Ah, thanks. :)