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Buildings and Unlisted Hierarchy Rankings

Tiullg'teamor3:53 PM October 3rd 2008
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what buildings come with inventories.

I would also like to know how people get certain kinds of ranks - like governor - that are not listed in any guides yet.

Choly4:13 PM October 3rd 2008
Governor: Own a town. Comes with 0 benefits.
Tradesman: Have 1,000 gold (or 2,000 gold, I forget) at any one point in time, while not being in a Kingdom. Comes with 0 benefits.
Mining Depot, Construction Yard, Hospital, Smithy come with inventories.

Egrand4:23 PM October 5th 2008
It's actually not 2000 or 1000, it's actually 3000. Irshad's just a dick and likes to raise it to a point where we actually need to work for it. >>;'