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Inventory Troubles

Kestrel3:09 PM May 25th 2009
I recently captured a barghest, who was killed by another one while I was away from my computer. He had feathers I needed, so I figured I'd loot his inventory and take them. What I didn't scroll down to notice was that it also had about 6000 animal bones/hides. I can't move with it all, and I just want all the animal hides and bones gone. I can't do anything with them.

The problem with this is that every time I try to load my inventory to start getting rid of them, it runs too slow and won't even highlight anything to drop things one at a time.

Is there any solution? Or is my character just doomed?

Matt12:01 PM June 5th 2009
If your still playing here, and haven't figured out how to solve this problem yourself then i can help you out. Just send me a private message.

Freya8:33 AM June 10th 2009