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Building Troubles

Freya9:05 PM June 22nd 2009
I wanted to create a restaurant in arithmere. I have more than enough wood and money. Why won't it let me build a restaurant?

Matt12:57 AM June 26th 2009
Which district are you in? I remember a while back to create atmosphere we divide building types into different districts. This way we could have a shopping district, a poor district etc..

The easiest way to identify where you can build what is by looking at whats already there.

Freya4:22 PM June 29th 2009
I'm in the decartes district I believe. With the serpents recluse and such...

Freya4:23 PM June 29th 2009
Also- I'm going to go inactive for a few weeks. But I'll check this first thing when I get back.

Matt12:05 AM July 4th 2009
Hm, as it seems no district in Arithmere is zoned for restaurants. It must have been an accident when Khalo was zoning areas. Or maybe he was just trying to concentrate people in just one restaurant for social purposes. Other cities seem to have the ability to make them so its not a glitch. I'm going to see if I can access the district owners panel and open it up, but we may have to end up making a new district.

If it comes to making a new district I will found it myself, because its irrational to expect you to get so much money with the inactivity, and the inability to make restaurants in the city is clearly unfair.

Matt1:15 PM July 8th 2009
Well unless I'm missing something, I don't think I can edit which buildings can be made in a preexisting district. I'll make another district for you, what would you like it to be called?(also note I may make some random buildings like rundown shacks and the like so your building won't be alone.)

Freya11:44 PM July 10th 2009
I'll think about it tonight, and give you a name tomorrow. Thanks so much! Thats a lot to do!

Freya11:46 PM July 10th 2009
Also, just as a side question, one of my other chatacters is stranded like, at the mountain pass... and wanted to get to Arithmere. How would I go about getting her there? Theres no path from there to the mountain fortress then to get down. And I had a caravan, but it wouldn't even get to the mountain pass.

Matt7:27 PM July 12th 2009
Well I believe that a blocker for caravans was put into the game because the mountains were intended as a northern barrier. None of my admin commands can move around a obstacle, but you should be able to walk through it(I checked to see if the roads are considered connected, as we have had issues in the past.)

In IC this translates to the mountain terrain being too tough for things like caravans to pass. If we had a larger player population I would suggest leaving a guard should you need to go tot he city, but right now that shouldn't be an issue.

Freya9:52 PM July 26th 2009
Yeah, I abandoned the caravan and could walk to the mountain pass, but I couldn't get through to the mountain fortress.

I don't know for a name! Thats so hard....

Liberius? means 'free'

Lucrum Village?

Aurelius? Means 'golden or gilded'

I don't know. If you think of something better, thats cool too.