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Creating Clothes?

Sophia1:48 PM January 27th 2008
What version of photoshop is used in the tutorial? Because I downloaded some free trials to try and make some clothes, and the tutorial doesn't seem to be describing the PS programs I have right now...CS3 doesn't even have a pencil tool....

Tom3:35 PM January 27th 2008
It was probably done in CS2, but there is going to be a new one made in CS3 I am told. Um... there should be a pencil tool underneath the paint brush tool, but I could be completely wrong because I don't use CS anything.

Irshad10:47 PM January 27th 2008
I'm actually almost done a new tutorial on the topic right now, which is based in CS3. And yes, every version of photoshop has a pencil tool, they're just hidden beneath the brush tool. Hold down the brush tool button, and a small menu will open up.

The new tutorial describes this as well, thankfully :D

Felaeris8:41 AM October 3rd 2008
Resurrecting an old thread for similar issue, or at least one that falls under the same topic. While creating mount armor, I discovered an annoying quirk. For some reason the mount mysteriously increases in size during the transition from the "NPC portrait" to "NPC sharing a portrait with a PC." Not only that, but any clothes made for NPC's in the mounted or unmounted state will not fit their counterpart.

So... if anybody knows how to stretch an image on GIMP so it can fit better, I can just as easily carry around dual sets of armor for my mount as needed. That's assuming there is a way to stretch an image in GIMP. >.>

Felaeris8:59 AM October 3rd 2008
Cancel that. I managed to find the stretch tool on my own and can now quickly produce properly scaled copies. As convenient as it would be to have clothing scale automatically, I rather doubt that'll happen and I'm sure Khalo has better things to do.

Felaeris9:48 AM October 3rd 2008
Okay... new problem arose. After I managed to dismiss my desire to nitpick the blurred version of the stretched armor, I am now unable to upload it due to the fact uploads can only be 92 x 100. Repositioning the armor so it is off-set of the standard 92x100 portrait may solve the problem--once properly stretched for the scale of 120x200 of course.

However... given the fact its 6:30 AM I'll wait until things further develop or until I can get input from somebody more experienced.