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What exactly can you do with body parts?

Calypso9:01 PM March 13th 2008
What is their purpose?

Irshad1:25 AM March 14th 2008
Cults. Right now, the whole cult feature (though existing and being completely functionable) is being rethought. Or rather, the rethinking of it is being thought of. ...It's on the backburner. Currently, anyways, bodyparts are used to create a cult (gather 7 bodyparts, one of each type from 7 individual people). Then, the head of the cult can sacrifice heads to their deity in return for "bless points" which can be given to cult members as bonus health or mana.

Tom7:44 AM March 14th 2008
Basically, they don't have one except to make it clear to everyone that your character is some kinda weird body-chopping loony.

Mikodite Yvette6:28 PM March 18th 2008
Yeah, I hope they change that, somehow doesn't sound right.