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Arithmere the capital, and only real city in, Al’Thania. The large city lies on the coast of what has become called the Human Peninsula.

At its founding over five hundred years ago the city had been little more than a port town, but it soon grew up as a powerful city-state.

The inner city sits on a hill, with the rest of the capital growing up around it spreading out nearly to the shore. A massive wall circles the city up to thirty feet thick in places and forty feet high with guard towers dotting up here and there. The old city wall that once wrapped around the bottom of the hill can still be seen in parts, though most of it was either torn away or used in the foundations of other buildings. A moat runs around the base of the outer walls with sharpened wooden spikes pointing outwards towards the water to discourage swimmers.

The city gets most of its food from the luscious farms that dot the surrounding countryside. The city’s port is almost always teeming with ships going to and from the main land with some kind of supplies.

The Royal District
Jani Al'Thaden
The DesCartes District
Vincent DesCartes
The Hilltop Villas
Adamska Al'Thaden
The Trades District
Lucien Hawker
The Harbour District
Jani Al'Thaden
The Farming District
Jani Al'Thaden