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Once a small village founded around a mining camp, it was the main source of iron and coal for the entire kingdom of Al'Thania for over a century. It was abandoned, however, after a careless miner dropped his oil lamp onto an exposed vein, immediately igniting the highly flammable material. Hundreds died before they stopped their futile attempts to douse the irritable blaze, leaving the subterranean fire to burn for next few decades.

Forty years later, an ambitious man of unknown, yet certainly wealthy origin came upon the smoldering rubble of a town whose name was long since lost to the pages of history. Renaming the site Brennenstadt, he sought to harvest the untouched resources, expecting the fires to have long since burned themselves out. Each man he hired, however, turned back the moment they felt the sweltering heat of the quarry. The fire had died down, but it continued to rage deep within the earth, plaguing the tunnels with a warmth so suffocating it was nigh unbearable.

The man was not ready to give up, however, for he was not only rich, but cunning and resourceful. Erecting great walls of stone around the abandoned village, he fortified it to the likes of a castle. Then, he sent to each town marked upon his map, a message tied to the heel of a pigeon, offering to purchase any criminals whose presence posed a threat to the communities in which they were being held. "Give me your burdens," it read, "and take instead this gold of mine, to repair what damage the swine inflicted upon your homes and families."

Without question, ships were sent towards the island of Brennenstadt, filled with lawbreakers and delinquents. Unlike the miners he had hired, these men and women would be starved and beaten if they decided against venturing into the treacherous mine. Of course, if they died, they would simply be thrown to the sea and replaced.

And so it went on like this for years, and when the man passed away peacefully in his bed, he was replaced. Brennenstadt continued to stand there upon that island, its high walls masking the mistreatment of the prisoners and slaves within, while at the same time providing all the land with the finest steel available.

Main District
Leolin Kennard
Outer District
Leolin Kennard