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Not quite a city or town at all, the village was hidden within the forests not too far away from the shore. One merely needed take a step off the beaten path at the right -- or wrong -- place to find themselves in almost a new world altogether.

At the very center of the village lay a towering, ancient sequoiya tree stretching towards the heavens, why it wouldn't be seen outside of the village breaking the treetop's was an oddity indeed. The tree was hollow with a towering arch allowing entry within, elven runes burned into the ground around the sequoia as something of a protective barrier.

There were no 'districts', there were no walls, simply a sleepy forest village hidden away from the rest of the world with the slightest concealing magic. Any other buildings within the area were nothing more than hollowed sequoia of their own, though of a considerably smaller size than the one at the center of it all.

Pirostia, a safe haven in an otherwise unsafe world.


Laws, which were on display in front of the Elder Sequoia.

I: Do not start fires within Pirostia.
II: Do not attack the animals within village limits, or you will feed the rest of them.
III: Do not attack goblin or bushbaby workers in the forests, or you shall replace them.
IV: Do not engage in battle within Pirostia, unless it is on friendly terms in a controlled environment, or the reason is just.
V: Steal from anyone in this village and you will be hunted to the ends of this world. The longer we search, the harder on you it will be when we find you. And we will find you.
VI: Those with cruel hearts and intentions are not welcome on this land. Those who display such intentions will be exiled from these lands.

The Row of Trees
Sunset Shores